EHA Nursing in North India

EHA has an emphasis on nursing at its 20 hospitals across North India. Much of EHA's mission to serve the poor and marginalized in the name of God is carried out by nurses on the wards. Their day-to-day contact with the patients gives them opportunities to show physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual care.

In order to meet the growing need for qualified nurses, EHA operates nursing schools at seven of its hospitals. Each class of 20 to 30 students attends for two to three years, depending on the program and location. At graduation time each year, approximately 165 students complete their education and move into positions within EHA and other hospitals. The high-quality education including values and ethics training that these men and women receive causes them to be in great demand upon graduation.


EHA's Nursing School Locations

Baptist Christian Hospital, Assam

Burrows Memorial Christian Hospital, Assam

Chhatarpur Christian Hospital, Madhya Pradesh

Duncan Hospital, Bihar

Herbertpur Christian Hospital, Uttarakhand

Makunda Christian Hospital, Assam

Nav Jivan Hospital, Jharkhand


Have a heart for nursing?
Get involved today with EHA nursing schools.

~ Pray for the students, instructors, and schools

~ Go on a short-term missions trip to interact with nursing students and staff

~ Give to sponsor a nursing student or to help the schools with their biggest financial needs, including constructing bigger facilities, equipping eduational laboratories, and upgrading coursework to offer more advanced degrees.