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Through a Self Help Group...
Gunja Experiences Life Turn-Around

Gunja Masih's life has completely turned around. She lives in Mamotapur village in Uttar Pradesh where she used to sell vegetables door to door.
Gunja Masih's business
Her family was extremely poor, yet she would spend all she made each day on alcohol. Returning home empty handed, Gunja would have nothing to give her husband, and consequently he would beat her. But she could not stop drinking.

Then the CHP (Community Health Project) team from Kachhwa Christian Hospital visited Mamotapur and introduced the idea of a Self Help Group. About fifteen ladies came together and formed a Self Help Group, and Gunja was one of them. Inviting the team to her home, Gunja shared about her personal life and family. The team encouraged her to make changes.

Then a great transformation was seen in her life when she stopped drinking. Through the Self Help Group, her family has been able to save money, and she started her own business in front of her home, earning a good livelihood for her family. Everyone is so thankful for this turnaround.

Dharmendar Kumar
One Young Man Receives...
A New Lease on Life
Disabled from childhood, sixteen-year-old Dharmendar Kuman fell and fractured both legs. His family had no money to take him to the hospital, so he went untreated. One day his parents visited a group, shared his story, and asked for help.  

The next day a member of the group told Kachhwa Christian Hospital staff about his problem, and a Community Health Project team immediately went to his home and brought him to Kachhwa for treatment and x-rays. The doctor thought it best that he seek bone surgery at Robertsganj Hospital, so the CHP team took him the very next day for an operation, which was successful. Next they contacted the Delhi Center for Spinal Injury to acquire a tricycle wheelchair for Dharmendar. Now he is able to travel about on his own, and he has opened a small shop in front of his home to support himself.

Healing Is Found...
Advocacy Explains Insurance
Sometimes advocacy is the biggest thing EHA can provide to a struggling family. Often aid in one form or another is available from the government, but poor Indians lack the knowledge or skills to access it. 

One father was desperately seeking help for his 8-year-old son, who had a discharge from his ear for many days. He tried various doctors and medicines to no avail. For some time he shied away from the operation that was recommended to him because he knew he didn't have the money to afford it.

When the CHP team from Kachhwa Christian Hospital went to his village to speak about the RSBY Health Insurance Smart Card, Ramashankar approached them regarding his son's illness. He told them that he had an RSBY smart card but wasn't sure how to use it. This card is for people below the poverty line to use for medical expenses. Patients' cards are swiped at the hospital, and their bills are paid by a joint government/private sector health insurance company. The team explained this card's use and encouraged Ramashankar to enjoy its benefits free of cost.

So he took his son, Pankaj, to the hospital for an operation and his ear was healed. Upon seeing the CHP team again, Ramashankar expressed gratitude to them for helping him seek medical care for his son under the insurance card. Recently the CHP team conducted other health awareness programs near his home, and he and his son participated enthusiastically, excited to share their experience of joy and hope.  

Through Kachhwa's Projects
Villagers Receive Much-Needed Training
A key priority for each of EHA’s projects is developing the community’s awareness of health concerns.  At Kachhwa Christian Hospital nearly 900 adults from the surrounding villages have gone through some form of training in the education and micro-enterprise development program. 

Some were trained as dental and eye technicians. Still others attended classes on sewing or air-conditioning installation and maintenance. Recently added was training for 25 nursery school teachers. Regardless of the program they chose, each participant has learned valuable skills that will enable them to support their families financially. 

Busy Season for Eye Doctors
October to March is the busy season for Kachhwa Christian Hospital’s resident ophthalmologist and team of technicians. During these months, the team conducts eye camps and cataract operations in the surrounding villages. Last year they conducted over 3,000 operations. They will very likely conduct at least that many again this year.

Surveys Help Pinpoint Greatest Need
Workers in the Kachhwa area are carrying out surveys to identify the “below poverty line” poor, and thus enable them to receive the government assistance available to them. With the information gathered through the surveys, workers will also be better able to assist with healthcare and provide subsidized treatment through Kachhwa Christian Hospital.

Another survey will identify the “differently abled” in the community. Several workers from Kachhwa Christian Hospital have been trained by another EHA unit to learn more about this field and to improve their own hospital unit to be involved in community-based rehabilitation.

In addition to the surveys, many of the second-level leaders are completing a Community Development Organizers program, which entails practical field work in the villages. Local young people are being taught in community health. Through all of these endeavors, the workers hope to raise up men and women committed to serving their community in the days ahead.

Kachhwa Christian Hospital Gets New Computers
Computers have been installed in three departments at Kachhwa Christian Hospital. Registration, the lab, and the pharmacy have all recently entered the high-tech world. The staff is busy learning the new system, as well as working to eliminate electrical problems that occasionally shut the system down. With the growing number of people visiting the outpatient facilities, the computer system will be invaluable for keeping accurate records, once it is established.


About Kachhwa Christian Hospital

Founded over a century ago, Kachhwa Christian Hospital is located in Uttar Pradesh in North-Central India. This area has the state’s largest concentration of scheduled castes, a poor and marginalized group of people. KCH reached its strongest season in the early 1970s under Dr. Neville Everad. After he and his fellow doctors left, the hospital was difficult to sustain. It reached its weakest point in 2002. Since then, Kachhwa Christian Hospital has been strengthened with new staff and more innovative programs.

KCH focuses on reaching out to the surrounding communities. They serve people from 90 nearby villages with a total population of 120,000. In addition to the clinical services provided through the hospital, KCH also stresses community health and spiritual ministry, micro-enterprise development, education, and leadership development. They have a training center which allows villagers to choose training in various trades, including dental and eye technicians, sewing, air-conditioning installation, electrical work, and nursery school teaching. They also offer literacy training.

Eye care has been a recent focus for Kachhwa Christian Hospital. They have a new operating room for eye surgeries as well as a new overflow ward with fifty beds for eye patients. Two vision centers service patients, and they have an eyeglasses shop as well.



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