Board of Directors

EHA –USA is led by a dedicated group of directors. Each supports the organization and monitors the strategic and financial operations of EHA.

Mr. John Andrew is president of HR Performance Group, a human resources consulting firm located in the Chicago area. Mr. Andrew’s practice focuses on strategic allocation of personnel in companies of all sizes. He has traveled extensively in India and has devoted significant time supporting EHA’s human resources needs.

Dr. Joe Duerksen is a retired anesthesiologist lives in the Kansas City area. He is a former medical missionary who served in the Sewa Bhawan Hospital in Jagdeecshpur, now in Chattisgarh state in central India, now one of EHA’s hospitals.

Rev. Mike Flincham served as a missionary in Argentina for more than 20 years. He now serves as regional coordinator for Converge Worldwide overseeing work in Latin America and Northeast India. He and his wife Marcia now make their home in La Palma, CA.

Dr. Robert Hansen is a retired dentist residing in the Chicago area. He has traveled to India, observing the work of EHA dentists and supports our work as treasurer in our U.S. office. He continues to find ways to encourage and support the ministry of EHA’s pioneer dental ministries.

Dr. Howard Searle serves as the volunteer president for EHA USA. He lives in the Chicago area and is a retired physician and surgeon. Dr. Searle participated in establishing EHA in the late 1960s and helped guide its transition to Indian leadership in 1974. He travels regularly to India and facilitates speaking engagements and itineraries of EHA leaders as the visit the United States.

Mr. Robb Hansen serves as executive director of EHA USA.  He leads the efforts of the organization to raise prayer support, resources, and awareness about EHA in the US.  Mr. Hansen has previously served in leadership with several nonprofit organizations, with stints in local church ministry, higher education, missions, and media ministry.  For the past decade he has led Next Level Insights, a marketing and communications firm serving a variety of organizations.  In his role with EHA, he will continue to direct the operations of that firm, alongside his service to the Emmanuel Hospital Association. 

Captain Edmond Soliday serves as chairman of EHA USA’s board. Mr. Soliday is a retired airline pilot and corporate executive. He makes his home in the Valparaiso, IN area today where he serves as a representative in the Indiana state legislature. Ed’s considerable executive leadership skills have been invaluable to the board in clarifying the mission of EHA (USA). He has given strategic counsel and seeks to raise awareness and financial support on behalf of EHA.

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